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I support Local Farmers & Small Mom & Pop Establishments!

ServSafe Manager's Food Protection Certificate

I can match a competitors price within reason...Everyone just has to remember, time is Money & the last time I looked, it wasn't growing on my tree....LOL
Plus, I am a teacher not just a robotic body in the room reading to you and/or your employees out of a book, nor am I the kind of teacher that just takes your money & doesn't care whether you pass or not. 
Last but definitely NOT least, I am NOT a lecturer of any kind....I am a teacher who loves to help people to learn and understand the material being taught...


What it means to become a Corporate Client....Loyal Customers Get Rewarded the Most!

In the State of Florida

By Becoming a Corporate Client with Food Safety Training Pros, it means you will enter into a written agreement that states you will begin with at least 5 Managers on your initial training & ALL Future Food Safety Needs will be conducted by Food Safety Training Pros at the same rate of $70.00 off per Manager Trained.

I am ALWAYS Open to any Negotiations....Doesn't mean it is a guarantee you will receive what you ask for but you won't know until you ask....

Outside the state of Florida

The agreement in any other state would be the same but please note....The prices vary because some states require 2 day training, Please call or email for further details if needed.

PLEASE BE ADVISED...................I'd rather NOT deal with checks but if the need arises below are the consequences of an NSF CHECK

If at anytime there is a checked returned
for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), You will be charged the $35 that the Bank charges me PLUS $25 for Food Safety Training Pros Non Sufficient Funds Policy!