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Due to Huricane Irma's devasting appearance in Florida and Georgia, I have rescheduled ALL of my classes to the ones below...

After the classes listed below, I will not be traveling as much as I used to due to me moving to start the next chapter in my life with my non profit, Operation Pay it Forward, Inc & Empowerment & Hope for the Future Teen Ranches to help teens that have been exploited and/or abused...

When I do classes after October 2017, my classes will be set mainly in parts of TN, GA, SC, AL, NC & FL but not as much in Florida due to my work here in GA.

I will try my very best to continue taking care of my companies that I have built a business relationship with and if I personally cannot, I will make sure I find someone that will be just as good an Instructor as I am.


If you have a Food Safety need & you do not see a class in your area or one that you can attend; Please DO NOT hesitiate to contact me so we can get you set up ASAP in the next available class you can attend.

You cannot just show up to a training session & exam. You MUST be registered & must pay in advance in order to reserve your seat in the training session & receive your study materials.

If you wish to register, the time is now so you all can receive your study materials in time to prepare for the training & exam right after your payment!


Training Session dates& venues are subject to change due to severe weather, Mother Nature, acts of God or if there are less than 5 people registered. I will give as much notice as possible to reschedule so everyone receives training & exam time.   

If at any time there are less than 5 students that have registered & paid, the class will be canceled & the students registered for that class will have to find another one of my classes to attend or make arrangements to come to me on a Friday-Sunday to do the training but all have to come on only one of those days. I’m trying to give all current and perspective students enough time to register & pay to reserve their seat as well as to receive all study materials to prepare for the exam. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sun. 12/24 All day Christmas Eve
Mon. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
Sun. 12/31 All day New Years Eve
Mon. 1/1 All day New Years Day
Fri. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
Wed. 2/14 All day Valentines Day
Sat. 3/17 All day St. Patricks Day
Sun. 4/1 All day April Fools Day
Sun. 4/22 All day Earth Day
Sat. 5/5 All day Cinco De Mayo
Thu. 6/14 All day Flag Day
Wed. 7/4 All day Independence Day
Tue. 9/11 All day Patriot Day
Wed. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sun. 11/11 All day Veterans Day
Mon. 12/24 All day Christmas Eve
Tue. 12/25 All day Christmas Day
Mon. 12/31 All day New Years Eve
Tue. 1/1 All day New Years Day
Sat. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
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